We are filling barrels! Great whiskey and rum must reside in charred oak barrels for many years in some cases. The maturation process is dynamic and products will be released when their flavor is judged ready. Please check back to find release dates for our products. 

Barrel Aged Spirits


Rye Whiskey

Malted rye and barley hand selected for flavor and character. Our current mash bill for future releases also includes locally grown, organic, unmalted rye. Aged to perfection in new charred American oak barrels. Non-chill filtered.



Corn, rye and malted barley. A high-rye bourbon with a hefty portion of barley malt. Aged in new charred American oak barrels. Non-chill filtered.


Aged Rum


Made from rich, flavorful and natural (non-GMO) Georgia blackstrap molasses. Long fermentation. Double distilled on our all copper pot still. Matured in a mix of new charred American oak barrels, used bourbon barrels and toasted oak barrels for two years. Non-chill filtered with no coloring or flavoring added.


Single Barrel Rum

Available at a limited number of Bay Area locations. Fermented from natural (non-GMO) Georgia blackstrap molasses with long fermentation. Slow, careful single-run distillation. Distilled to proof and barrel aged with no added water. Non-chill filtered with no coloring or flavoring added. This unique, high ester rum brings the funk!

Currently you can try it at Pagan Idol in San Francisco and you can get a bottle at Bitters + Bottles in South San Francisco. 

Unaged Spirits

Mattole Valley organic unmalted barley. Grown on small family farms on northern California's Lost Coast.